Sentence Examples with the word ECCLESIA

A Similar development of the idea of the one ecclesia as including all members of all local 1 Ecce Homo, ed.

The One Ecclesia includes all members of all partial Ecclesiae; but its relations to them all are direct, not mediate.

In the bull Sancta Romana et universa ecclesia (December 28, 1318) John definitively excommunicated them and condemned their principal book, the Postil (commentary) on the Apocalypse' (February 8, 1326).

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Billot, S.J., De Ecclesia Christi (3 vols., Rome, 1898-1900); or G.

There can be little doubt that the Pnyx was the seat of an ancient cult; the meetings of the Ecclesia were of a religious character and were preceded by a sacrifice to Zeus 'Ayopa70s; nor is it conceivable that, but for its sacred associations, a site would have been chosen so unsuitable for the purposes of a popular assembly as to need the addition of a costly artificial auditorium.

Metropolitan Church, or Ecclesia Ursiana, and baptistery adjoining .

Such consecration, however, whatever its form, was a function of the local Ecclesia as a whole, acting through those of its members most fitted by gift or standing to be its representatives on the occasion.

He was also the author of volumes entitled De satisfactione Christi disputationes (Geneva, 1666) and De necessaria secessione nostra ab ecclesia romana (Geneva, 1687).

The members which make up the One Ecclesia are not communities but individual men.

The propositions which had been extracted from the De Ecclesia were again brought up, and the relations between Wycliffe and Huss were discussed, the object of the prosecution being to fasten upon the latter the charge of having entirely adopted the doctrinal system of the former, including especially a denial of the doctrine of transubstantiation.