Sentence Examples with the word E

To one of these sets of fine wires an antenna A and earth connexion E is added (fig.

It is extremely important to consider how far the economic conceptions based upon this view of the action of men in the ordinary business of lif e - such, for example, as the doctrine of marginal utility - depend for their truth and relevance on the fact that in economics we are dealing with large aggregates.

The result of performipg both operations, in order to obtain the volume, is the result of the operation denoted by the product of these two expressions; and in this product the powers of E and of E' may be dealt with according to algebraical laws.

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Fumi, Il Duomo d'Orvieto e i suoi restauri (Rome, 1891); Orvieto, note storiche e biografiche (Citta di Castello, 1891), and other works.

Thus the Roman letters E and F are liable to be confused in capital script, but not in cursive (e, f), C, G, in capitals, c, e in the cursive writing called Caroline minuscule, c, t, in the angular cursive of the 13th century and later.

The Prior A T h e Analytics then are concerned with a formal logic to niytics.

The state archives in Vico San Severo e Sossio contain all the records of past governments; the Notarial archives in Via San Paolo contain all the original notarial acts from 1450 onwards, to the number of 800,000.

The group ct is.reduced to it: trite (lee tu m), peito (pee t u s), noite (no ct e m); sometimes to ut: douto (d 0 C t u s).

Giovanni e Paolo was the usual burying-place of the doges, and contains many noble mausoleums of various dates.

The value of E depends upon the tempering of the wire and will vary accordingly: for the springs of trade balances E will usually be about 10,500,000.