Sentence Examples with the word Dx

It appears, therefore, that to the order of approximation afforded by (3), the effect of the particles in dx is to modify the phase, but not the intensity, of the light which passes them.

D o, dx dy dz dx dy dz so that, at any instant, the surfaces over which tk and m are constant intersect in the vortex lines.

If we suppose that the force impressed upon the element of mass D dx dy dz is DZ dx dy dz, being everywhere parallel to the axis of Z, the only change required in our equations (I), (2) is the addition of the term Z to the second member of the third equation (2).

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Consider the particles which occupy a thin stratum dx perpendicular to the primary ray x.

If there be n similar particles per unit volume, the energy emitted from a stratum of thickness dx and of unit area is found from (9) by the introduction of the factor ndx.

Aj Hence the system of values also causes to vanish in this case; dx and by symmetry aj and Fz also vanish.