Sentence Examples with the word Dwindled

This tribe has the pleon dwindled into insignificance, whereas in the other two tribes it is powerfully developed.

Though the association brought about an extension and improvement of the Indian crop, in which result it was enormously assisted by the high prices consequent upon the American Civil War, it sank after a few years into obscurity, and soon passed out of existence altogether, while the effects of its work dwindled finally into insignificance.

In Pitt's case, too, it is to be borne in mind that the opposition with which he had acted gradually dwindled away, and that it ceased to have any organized existence after the death of the prince of Wales in 1751.

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His slender prerogatives had gradually dwindled down to vanishing point.

In the later 7th century this current of trade dwindled in face of the great commercial and colonizing activity of Miletus; it probably received further injury through the subsequent interference of Athens on the Hellespont.

Arica at one time had a population of 30,000 and enjoyed much prosperity, but through civil war, earthquakes and conquest, its population had dwindled to 2853 in 1895 and 2824 in 1902.

From Origen's statement one might have thought that the Simonians would have dwindled out altogether by the time of Eusebius.

Meanwhile Mary's party dwindled away; at a meeting in Perth (23rd of February 1573) her thanes fled from her, and Elizabeth at last reinforced Mary's enemies with men and artillery.

Strategus), dwindled away into matters of routine.

The army' of Dumouriez was left in such want that it dwindled rapidly.