Sentence Examples with the word Dwarfing

But summer pruning has been much extended since the introduction of restricted growth and the use of dwarfing stocks.

The stocks are commonly divided into two classes: - (1) free stocks, which consist of seedling plants, chiefly of the same genus or species as the trees from which the scions are taken; and (2) dwarfing stocks, which are of more diminutive growth, either varieties of the same species or species of the same or some allied genus as the scion, which have a tendency to lessen the expansion of the engrafted tree.

Instead of a closet, a large wardrobe stood at one end of the room, dwarfing a vanity desk with a large oval mirror.

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His sweater, jeans, and trench coat were all of high quality with his heavy boots dwarfing her feet as hers did Toby's.

The French Paradise is the best dwarfing stock for apples, and the quince for pears.