Sentence Examples with the word Dwarf

Of these the most remarkable example is Cytisus Adami, a tree which year after year produces some shoots, foliage and flowers like those of the common laburnum, others like those of the very different looking dwarf shrub C. purpureus, and others again intermediate between these.

Is a zone of dwarf hard-leaved oaks, amongst which occur the Oriental forms Fontanesia phillyraeoides, Acer syriacum and the beautiful redstemmed Arbutus Andrachne.

BES, or Besas (Egyp. Bes or Besa), the Egyptian god of recreation, represented as a dwarf with large head, goggle eyes, protruding tongue, shaggy beard, a bushy tail seen between his bow legs hanging down behind (sometimes clearly as part of a skin girdle) and usually a large crown of feathers on his head.

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High at the other, in which two rooms have been artificially hollowed out, traditionally believed to be the bed-chambers of Trolld, the dwarf of the sagas, and his wife.

South of the Arctic circle they are, under ordinary circumstances, confined to the plateaus covered with dwarf birch and juniper above the conifer-region, though in Tromso amt and in Finmarken they occur in all suitable localities down to the level of the sea.

Apart, but standards in orchards should be allowed at least 30 ft., and dwarf bush trees half that distance.

By their describers, the dwarf European elephants were regarded as distinct species, under the names of Elephas melitensis, E.

Pretty dwarf rock plants, requiring rather careful management and a gritty soil.

Charming every early blooming dwarf ranunculaceous herbs.

For days consecutively the horse of the explorer can get no other food than the dwarf birch.