Sentence Examples with the word Dutchmen

The whole machinery of government was centralized at the Hague, and Dutchmen filled nearly all the principal posts.

Katsukawa Shunsho (d- 1792) must next be mentioned, not only for the beauty of his own work, but because he was the first master of Hokusai; then Yeishi (worked c. 178 11800), the founder of the Hosoda school; Utamaro (1754-1806), whose prints of beautiful women were collected by Dutchmen while he was still alive, and have had in our own day a vogue greater, perhaps, than those of any other of his fellows; and Toyokuni I.

Under this system, which was intended to provide Netherlands India with a fixed population of European descent, Dutch girls were sent to the archipelago to be married to white settlers, and subsequently marriages between Dutchmen and captive native women were encouraged.

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It gave the right of voting to all Dutchmen over twenty-five years of age; who paid 1 fl.