Sentence Examples with the word Duration

The former of these extends to August 1802, when the powers of the First Consul, which had been decreed for ten years, were prolonged to the duration of his life.

The Duration Of An Experiment Was About Ten Minutes, And The Product Of The Mean Current And The Time, Namely Ct, Was Measured By The Weight Of Silver Deposited In A Voltameter, Which Amounted To About 0.56 Gramme.

The duration of their life was 000 years, but if any desired to shorten it, he decked himself with garlands and threw himself from a rock into the sea.

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The interval between the Baptism and the Crucifixion, or, in other words, the duration of the public ministry of Christ.

Few, on the contrary, as was pointed out by C. Babbage, are less subject to fluctuation than the duration of life amongst people taken in large aggregates.

The action was emulated in terms of incident location, time stamps, incident duration and incident severity.

The duration of the reigns in several dynasties is fairly well known from the incontrovertible evidence of contemporary monuments.

Wilamowitz-Mollendorff, laying stress on the fact that in the best MS. the poem to Ptolemy (xvii.) comes before that to Hiero (xvi.), very ingeniously puts the Egyptian period first and supposes it to have been of very short duration (i.e.

After an interval of uncertain duration we find in Exodus a numerous people subjected to rigorous oppression.

At some period (perhaps 1381, perhaps earlier) he paid a visit of some days' duration to the famous mystic Johann Ruysbroeck, prior of the Augustinian canons at Groenendael near Brussels; at this visit was formed Groot's attraction for the rule and life of the Augustinian canons which was destined to bear such notable fruit.