Sentence Examples with the word Durango

The Totonacs inhabit northern Vera Cruz and speak a language related to that of the Mayas; the Tarascos form a small group living in Michoacan; the Matlanzingos, or Matlaltzincas, live near the Tarascos, the savage Apaches, a nomadic group of tribes ranging from Durango northward into the United States; the Opata-Pima group, inhabiting the western plateau region from Sonora and Chihuahua south to Guadalajara, is sometimes classed as a branch of the Nahuatlaca; the Seris, a very small family of savages, occupy Tiburon Island and the adjacent mainland of Sonora; and the Guaicuros, or Yumas, are to be found in the northern part of the peninsula of Lower California.

By Durango and Chihuahua.

There is more than one meaning of Durango discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia.

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A large group overtook them outside of Durango and they became separated in the pack as she became caught up in a blur of color and then was gone.

A negro revolt in the Vera Cruz region (1609) and an Indian rebellion in Sinaloa and Durango may be mentioned among the events of the earlier part of the 17th century.

There are many large smelters and reduction plants in the state, most of them at Denver, Leadville, Durango and Pueblo; at the latter place there are also blast-furnaces, a steel plant and rolling mills.

These converge in southern Sinaloa and Durango to form the Sierra de Nayarit.

The most celebrated iron deposit is that, of the Cerro del Mercado, in the outskirts of the city of Durango - a mountain 640 ft.

By Sinaloa, Durango and Jalisco.

Under the Mexican republic New Mexico was called a province till 1824, when it was united with Chihuahua and Durango to form the Estado Interno del Norte.