Sentence Examples with the word Duplicating

Kurala, ivy, and ethos, form), a curve invented by the Greek mathematician Diodes about 180 B.C., for the purpose of constructing two mean proportionals between two given lines, and in order to solve the problem of duplicating the cube.

By duplicating this apparatus.

That he made considerable progress in the study of these curves is evidenced by Eutocius, who flourished about the 6th century A.D., and who assigns to Menaechmus two solutions of the problem of duplicating the cube by means of intersecting conics.

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In 1894 the Eastern Extension Telegraph Company laid a cable from Singapore to Labuan and Hong Kong, thus duplicating the route and making it an all-British line.

It may be divided into five sections: (1) On the famous problem of finding two mean proportionals between two given lines, which arose from that of duplicating the cube, reduced by Hippocrates to the former.

Copies per hour of sixteen pages, and by duplicating the folding and delivery apparatus, 200,000 copies of eight pages of the same size.

Granted, what we accomplished was monumental, but coming across a similar situation and duplicating what we were able to do might not occur very often.

The curve also permits the solution of the problems of duplicating a cube and trisecting an angle.