Sentence Examples with the word Dumping

The path wound its way downward, dumping them into a draw far enough away to be safe.

Her killer was pulled over the next day by an observant trooper shortly after dumping the young girl's body.

Relieved, he pulled the blowing horse to a halt and grabbed Rissa by the scruff of her tunic, unceremoniously hauling her up and dumping her on the ground.

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He fumbled with the backpack, dumping out the contents.

Just one: not dumping Logan before coming to the beach this weekend.

Its foundations were laid by Sir George Grey, home secretary, when transportation ended rather abruptly by the refusal of the chief colonies to continue to be the dumping ground for British convicts.

Of course, he wouldn't want to look bad in the eyes of his family by dumping her.

She grabbed a second bottle and went to the kitchen for water, dumping out two of each into one hand.

She hesitated a moment before dumping it on Brutus.

No argument here but no dice on our dumping the whole business in their laps.