Sentence Examples with the word Duff

The foreign mission committee was formed in 1825, at the instance of Dr John Inglis (1763-1834), a leader of the Moderate party; and Dr Alexander Duff went to India in 1829 as the first missionary of the Church of Scotland.

A striking picture of the condition of the people at this period is given by Lady Duff Gordon in Last Letters from Egypt.

Upwards, are washed on plain sieve plates, but for finer-grained duff the sieve is covered with a bed of broken felspar lumps about 3 in.

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Rendall); of vi., Duff (1906); of the Panegyricus, C. G.

Quiros returned to Europe, and, obtaining command of a fleet, made a voyage in1605-1607during which he observed some of the Paumotu and Society Islands, and later discovered the small Duff group of the Santa Cruz Islands, passing thence to the main island of the New Hebrides, which he hailed as his objective, the southern continent.

What Ulfilas was to the Gothic tribes, what Columba and his disciples were to the early Celtic missions, what Augustine or Aidan was to the British Isles, what Boniface was to the churches of Germany and Anskar to those of Denmark and Sweden, that, on the discovery of a new world of missionary enterprise, was Xavier to India, Hans Egede to Greenland, Eliot to the Red Indians, Martyn to the church of Cawnpore, Marsden to the Maoris, Carey, Heber, Wilson, Duff and Edwin Lewis to India, Morrison, Gilmour, Legge, Hill, Griffith John to China, Gray, Livingstone, Mackenzie, Moffat, Hannington, Mackay to Africa, Broughton to Australia, Patteson to Melanesia, Crowther to the Niger Territory, Chalmers to New Guinea, Brown to Fiji.

At the Disruption of 1843 Duff sided with the Free Church, gave up the college buildings, with all their effects, and with unabated courage set to work to provide a new institution.

In 1864 Duff visited South Africa, and on his return became convener of the foreign missions committee of the Free Church.

Lewis (1784-1866), Amos Kendall and Duff Green, the last named being editor of the United States Telegraph, the organ of the administration.

As a memorial of his work the Duff Hall was erected in the centre of the educational buildings of Calcutta; and a fund of Li 13000 was raised for his disposal, the capital of which was afterwards to be used for invalided missionaries of his own church.