Sentence Examples with the word Dudley

I also knew Mr. Charles Dudley Warner, the most delightful of story-tellers and the most beloved friend, whose sympathy was so broad that it may be truly said of him, he loved all living things and his neighbour as himself.

In 1845 he was made director of an observatory established there through his initiative, and also in 1859 superintendent of the Dudley observatory at Albany.

David Dudley Field, of New York, subsequently enlarged this list, which has been continued under the title International Tribunals, by Dr W.

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The treaty of Ghent in 1814 (Article IV.) referred the question of the ownership of the islands in Passamaquoddy bay to a commission which gave Moose, Dudley and Frederick islands to the United States; and the same treaty by Article V.

He could trade upon Edwards precocious hatred of Marys religion, he could rely upon French fears of her Spanish inclinations, and the success which bad attended his schemes in England deluded him into a belief that he could supplant the Tudor with a Dudley dynasty.

His son Guilford Dudley was hastily married to Lady Jane Grey, the eldest granddaughter of Henry VIII.s younger sister Mary.

DAVID DUDLEY FIELD (1805-1894), American lawyer and law reformer, was born in Haddam, Connecticut, on the 13th of February 1805.

When nose is higher than muzzle at the stop. Dudley Nose.

A temporary government was established at Boston in May 1686, with Joseph Dudley as president, and in December of the same year Edmund Andros arrived with a commission and instructions which were a copy of those to the governor of New York and made him governor of all New England except Rhode Island and Connecticut.

He was the brother of David Dudley Field, Cyrus W.