Sentence Examples with the word Ductor

Of the mantle-flap. The posterior ad ductor is ventral and anterior to the anus.

Sanderson, as well as the more eminent Jeremy Taylor, whose Ductor dubitantium appeared in 1660.

Here the con ductor should be led along the highest end or side of the meadow in an inclined plane; should it terminate in the meadow, its end should be made to taper when there are no feeders, or to terminate in a feeder.

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Casuistry (with parallels in early Protestantism like Jeremy Taylor's Ductor Dubitantium), growing out of the Confessional, is characteristic of this Roman Catholic Ethic; yet the study is not restricted to the technical equipment of confessors.

His Ductor Dubitantium, or the Rule of Conscience..

The best known of the Anglican books is Jeremy Taylor's Ductor Dubitantium (1660).