Sentence Examples with the word Duct

From this vagina arises a narrow duct leading to the exterior.

A curious duct with lateral branches termed the supra-intestinal organ lies above the intestine in the female.

From the oviduct a long duct full of yolk passes backwards almost to the hinder end of the body and ends blindly in a globular dilatation just below the skin.

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A reservoir, a duct and a muscular bulb in the region (fig.

Its duct leaves the inferior anterior angle, at first descends a little, and runs forward under cover of the rounded inferior border of the lower jaw, then curves up along the anterior margin of the masseter muscle, becoming superficial, pierces the buccinator, and enters the mouth by a simple aperture opposite the middle of the crown of the third premolar tooth.

The portion of the lachrymal duct communicating with the cavity of the nose has, on the other hand, been abnormally developed, apparently for the purpose of cleansing that chamber from particles of sand which may obtain an entrance while the animal is burrowing.

A long cystic duct would point to a long reign of the king.

In all these cases the female duct bears a bursa copulatrix or receptaculum seminis.

The duct which runs along its upper and internal border passes forwards in the usual course, lying in the inner side of the sublingual gland, to open on the outer surface of a distinct papilla, situated on the floor of the mouth, half an inch from the middle line, and midway between the lower incisor teeth and the attachment of the fraenum linguae.

This fact led Cuvier erroneously to the belief that a duct existed leading from the gonad to this papilla.