Sentence Examples with the word Ducked

She ducked and the ball of ice grazed off her hood.

Jenn ducked at the sight of purple lightning, stunned when he caught it midair and flung it back towards the Other.

He ducked a fist and maneuvered around a kick, snatching the intruder's body and shoving it into the wall.

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Cadet Mironov ducked every time a ball flew past.

He ducked under the water and came up, wiping the water from his eyes and pushing his hair back.

Lisa winked at her and Tammy ducked her head, smiling shyly.

She ducked her head to hide her smile.

Clara ducked her head down as she climbed into the car.

A knife caught her arm, and she ducked a punch in the cramped space.

She ducked her head and braced herself as he reached for her again.