Sentence Examples with the word Dubbed

You've dubbed her the Psychic Tipster.

In view of the results of this analysis, Reid's theory (and the theory of Scottish philosophy generally) has been dubbed natural realism or natural dualism, in contrast to theories like subjective idealism and materialism or to the cosmothetic idealism or hypothetical dualism of the majority of philosophers.

In general, the learned consensus dubbed the whole business with indifference.

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But, in spite of these materialistic tendencies, he followed Hume in reducing matter and everything knowable to phenomena of consciousness; and, supposing that nothing is knowable beyond phenomena, concluded that we can neither affirm nor deny that anything exists beyond, but ought to take up an attitude which the ancient sceptics called Aphasia, but he dubbed by the new name of Agnosticism.

This was what she had dubbed the magic room when she was a child.

Gomes Coelho, better known as Julio Diniz, records his experiences of English society in Oporto in A Familia ingleza, and for his romantic idealism he has been dubbed British; Portuguese critics have accused him of imitating Dickens.

Civil liberties people cried foul at what they dubbed psychic invasion of privacy.

Each party dubbed the other stercoranists (dung-feasters), and the controversy was often marred by indecencies.

In allusion to medieval partisans of the papacy this theory was dubbed Neo-Guelphism.

As Chateaubriand remarked, in reference to Louis XVIII.'s constitutional charter, the new constitution - La Benjamine, it was dubbed - was merely a slightly improved charter.