Sentence Examples with the word Du

Prairie du Chien is one of the most interesting places, historically, in Wisconsin.

In early life he took an interest in politics, and the approval extended by Hippolyte Carnot to his Manuel rdpublicain de l'homme et du citoyen (1848) was the occasion of that minister's fall.

Prince Andrew saw by the cover that it was Les Chevaliers du Cygne by Madame de Genlis.

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Et du moine Rabban Cauma (from the Syriac) in Revue de l'Orient latin, 18 93, pp. 566-610; 1894, PP. 731 43, 2 35-3 00; O.

All earlier biographies were superseded by Theophile Lavallee's Histoire de St Cyr, reviewed in Causeries du lundi, vol.

Schoenfield, Aus den Staaten der Barbaresken (Berlin, 1902); Sir Harry Johnston, The Colonization of Africa (Cambridge, 1905); Gaston Loth, La Tunisie et l'c uvre du protectorat francais (Paris, 1907); Professor Arthur Girault, Principes de colonisation et de legislation coloniale, vol.

AIX-LES BAINS, a town of France, in the department of Savoie, near the Lac du Bourget, and 9 m.

Besides the general works on modern Italy, see the Marquis Costa de Beauregard's interesting volumes La Jeunesse du roi Charles Albert (Paris, 1899) and Novare et Oporto (1890), based on the king's letters and the journal of Sylvain Costa, his faithful equerry, though the author's views are those of an old-fashioned Savoyard who dislikes the idea of Italian unity; Ernesto Masi's Il Segreto del Re Carlo Alberto (Bologna, 1891) is a very illuminating essay; Domenico Perrero, Gli Ultim2 Reali di Savoia (Turin, 1889); L.

The discovery a few weeks later of the much richer mines at Bultfontein and Du Toits Pan, followed by the great finds at De Beers and Colesberg Kop (Kimberley) caused Jagersfontein to be neglected for several years.

See Fernao Lopes, Chronica del Rey Dom Pedro (1735); Camoens, Os Lusiadas; Antonio Ferreira's Ines de Castro, - the first regular tragedy of the Renaissance after the Sofonisba of Trissino; Luis Velez de Guevara, Reinar despues de morir, an admirable play; and Ferdinand Denis, Chroniques chevaleresques de l'Espagne et du Portugal.