Sentence Examples with the word Dryness

The cold is sharp and bracing rather than disagreeable, on account of the dryness of the air; and the periods of cold weather are generally of short duration.

The season, however, on account of the dryness of the climate, is not so harsh as the low temperatures would seem to indicate.

Schimperl made a distinct advance when he distinguished between physical and physiological dryness or wetness of the soil.

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In consequence of the elevation of the plateau and the dryness of the air, the heat is less oppressive than is indicated by the temperatures recorded.

In its extreme dryness and heat, combined with the aridity of a sandy soil, Upper Sind resembles the sultry deserts of Africa.

Further, there are elements of Islam, like the usages of the hajj (or pilgrimage to the sacred places at Mecca), the dryness of its official doctrine and the limitations of its real character as indicated in the Wahhabi revival, which so impair its apparent universalism that Kuenen found himself obliged to withdraw it from the highest rank of religions.

Chiefly owing to the dryness of climate, its physical characteristics are similar to those of Mongolia proper, except that the altitude of the plains is much lower.

Evaporating to dryness hydrochloric acid is given off as the temperature is raised to expel the last of the water, and Tornoe found that carbonic acid was also liberated and that the loss of both acids was very variable.

On reaching the Tibetan plateau, with the increased dryness the flora assumes many features of the Siberian type.

Though in great part within the tropics, the heat is counteracted by the dryness of the air.