Sentence Examples with the word Druse

Ali among Shiite Mahommedans; the Bab in Babism; the Druse Hakim).

Even while the Akils are assembled, strangers are readily enough admitted to the khalwas; but as long as these are present the ordinary ceremonies are neglected, and the Koran takes the place of the Druse Scriptures.

A history of the Druse nation by the amir Haidar Shehab is quoted by Urquhart.

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Meanwhile, the Hauran, the old seat of the Shehab family and Hermon Druses, had been steadily receiving a Druse influx, since the day of Ain Dara (see above).

Porter got possession of seven standard works of Druse theology while at Damascus.

But their dress is still black with the exception of red slippers, and the veil is never abandoned, not even, it is said, during sleep. An English lady, who has been much among them, states that the Druse women of the Hauran never unveiled before her.

Few names or events stand out in the history of this period: perhaps the most interesting personality is that of the Druse prince Fakhr ud-Din (1595-1634), whose expulsion of the Arabs from the coast as far south as Acre and establishment of his own kingdom, in defiance of Ottoman authority - to say nothing of his dilettante cultivation of art, the result of a temporary sojourn in Italy - make him worth a passing notice.

Guys, Le Theogonie des Druses (1863), and La Nation Druse (1864); M.

The Yemenite Druses thereupon emigrated in large numbers to the Hauran, and laid the foundation of Druse power there.

But it appears never to have professed the Druse creed, remaining Sunnite.