Sentence Examples with the word Drummond

Mukhtar Pasha and Sir Henry Drummond Wolff were appointed commissioners, and their joint inquiry lasted till the end of 1886, when.

Opposite the castle is the city hall (1779), in the possession of the corporation, with statues in the central hall of George III., of Grattan (a superb work by Sir Francis Chantry), of Daniel O'Connell, and of Thomas Drummond by John Hogan and several others.

In 1580 Clement Little gave all his books, three hundred volumes, for the beginning of a library, and this was augmented by other valuable benefactions, one of the most interesting of which was the library of Drummond of Hawthornden.

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His sister Susannah Fowler married Sir John Drummond, and was mother of the poet William Drummond of Hawthornden.

He married Annabella Drummond (c. 1350-1402), daughter of Sir John Drummond of Stobhall, and, in addition to the two sons already mentioned, had four daughters.

After a visit to the principal courts, including a stay of a month SI, in England, where he was accompanied by Sir Henry ah S Drummond Wolff, he returned to his capital (Oct.

Sir Henry Drummond Wolff proceeded to Constantinople and signed on the 22nd of May 1887 the definitive convention, according to which the occupation should come to an end in three years, but England should have a right to prolong or renew it in the event of internal peace or external security being seriously threatened.

Their agent was Drummond (Macgregor really) of Balhaldie, who in1741-1743dealt with the English Jacobites, and persuaded France that they were powerful and eager.

On the 25th of July, with General Winfield Scott, he fought a hotly contested, but indecisive, battle with the British under General Gordon Drummond (1 7 7 1-18 J4) at Lundy's Lane, where he was twice wounded.

The Anakie sapphire-fields of Queensland are situated near Anakie station on the Central railway, to the west of Emerald and east of the Drummond Range.