Sentence Examples with the word Dropsy

He shows no inconsiderable knowledge of anatomy in his remarkable description of inflammation and abscess of the mediastinum in his own person, and its diagnosis from common pleuritis as well as from abscess and dropsy of the pericardium.

In the dropsy of cardiac disease, owing to the deficient oxidation from stagnation of blood, metabolic products must accumulate in the tissues; also lymph return must be impeded by the increased pressure in the veins and so dropsy results (Wells).

He died of dropsy on the 14th of September 1851 at Cooperstown, New York.

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Thence he retired to Milan, where he died of dropsy (January 17, 395), leaving the empire to be divided between his two sons Honorius and Arcadius.

Certainly not all cases of renal dropsy show diminution in the excretion of chlorides.

Blood then finds difficulty in passing through it, and, as a result, dropsy occurs in the belly (ascites).

This relieves the dropsy, but it does not cure the condition on which the dropsy depends.

The drug is largely employed in cases of Bright's disease and dropsy from any cause, being especially useful when the liver shares in the general venous congestion.

But the climate, generally hot and moist in summer, is everywhere capricious and liable to sudden changes of temperature, whence the prevalence of rheumatism, dropsy and especially ophthalmia, noticed by all travellers.

He died of dropsy on the 28th of May 1793, having by writing and example given a new impulse to education throughout Prussia.