Sentence Examples with the word Dripped

She twisted her head away as he dripped the blood over her lips.

Water dripped from above and tiny snowballs cascaded down the slope, bouncing off his un-helmeted head and under his collar as his line scoured the bank of snow above him.

Memon sat, entranced, as her blood dripped down her arm and hand to the floor.

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His gaze drifted to her shaking arm, where blood dripped down her fingers to the floor.

She forced a wry smile and each word of her response dripped with sarcasm.

When she found her voice, it fairly dripped with sarcasm.

An IV in her arm dripped a constant dose of powerful anesthetic.

Water dripped off her into a puddle at her feet.

They dripped streams of water as soon as the sun began its business, the remaining moisture forming dragon-teeth icicles as soon as the cold air touched the droplets.

Blood had dripped down his face to speckle his shirt.