Sentence Examples with the word Drifting

Since then the race has been drifting steadily southward and eastward, a vast, aggregate of small independent clans united by no common government, but all obeying a common impulse to move outwards from their original seats along the line of least resistance.

All of the potential candidates with the opportunity to steal the bone were rapidly drifting away.

It is supplied by the tidaland wind-formed currents, which are drifting sand from the Long Island and New Jersey coasts, extending the barrier beaches, such as Sandy Hook, out across the entrance to New York Bay.

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For lack of a true theory as to the relation between the two, they were now drifting away (ii.

When the races were over, and we turned our faces homeward, one of the party noticed a black cloud drifting in from the sea, which grew and spread and thickened until it covered the whole sky.

The party therefore camped on the drifting floe, keeping up scientific observations and maintaining their health and spirits though in continual danger from the floes ridging up or cracking asunder.

Seeing the dust-clouds drifting away northward, and noting the lethargy which seemed to have settled over the whole French line, Prince Frederick Charles decided to assert his own independent will to conquer by a final assault along his whole front.

They were drifting away from the subject.

He nodded, his expression drifting to uncertain.

The differences of salinity support this method, and, especially in the northern European seas, often prove a sharper criterion of the boundaries than temperature itself; this is especially the case at the entrance to the Baltic. Evidence drawn from drift-wood, wrecks or special drift bottles is less distinct but still interesting and often useful; this method of investigation includes the use of icebergs as indicators of the trend of currents and also of plankton, the minute swimming or drifting organisms so abundant at the surface of the sea.