Sentence Examples with the word Drifted

Here the road was dry and only a few cars passed him before he drifted past a private hot spring, along the wide curve and by the County fairgrounds before entering Ridgway.

Lydia lived in a newly constructed condo on Oak Street as it drifted out of the main body of town and became the back road to neighboring Ridgway, ten miles away.

Edward drifted on along the path to financial ruin till he actually went bankrupt in 1345, when he repudiated his debts, and ruined several great Italian banking houses, who had been unwise enough to continue lending him money to the last.

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Kiera's thoughts, warm and fuzzy after too much of Evelyn's special punch, drifted as she gazed into the quiet night sky.

In the week that followed, they drifted further apart.

He floated on the updraft of air off the water and then drifted to the beach below, changing into his human form as he landed with a gentle thud on rocky sand.

In the outburst of indignation, followed by increasing disaffection in Ireland, which this event produced, Grattan acted with conspicuous moderation and loyalty, which won for him warm acknowledgments from a member of the English cabinet.2 That cabinet, however, doubtless influenced by the wishes of the king, was now determined firmly to resist the Catholic demands, with the result that the country rapidly drifted towards rebellion.

The Deans' conversation drifted away from the young girl's plight to Jennifer Radisson's recent pronouncement.

The fourteen battalions which had initiated this attack were outnumbered by three to one, and drifted away from the battlefield.

Her soft voice drifted off as she took him in.