Sentence Examples with the word Driest

M., and emptying into Upstart Bay; it receives numerous tributaries in its course, and carries a large body of fresh water even in the driest seasons.

Empirical rules have grown up assigning to each district, according to its average rainfall, a particular number of days' supply, independently of any inflow, as the contents of the reservoir necessary to secure a given yield throughout the driest seasons.

In this case the left-hand radial line passes through the point at which the coordinates meet, showing that the reservoir will just equalize the flow of the driest year.

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The whole diagram shows, by the greater gradient of the unbroken straight lines, the greater demand which can be satisfied by the enlargement of the reservoir to the extent necessary to equalize the flow of the two driest consecutive years.

In relation to this supply from the previous year the most trying assumption is that the rainfall of that year, together with that of the driest year, will be the rainfall of the two driest consecutive years.

The narrow valleys between the hills are very fertile, having a rich soil and an abundant water-supply even in the driest seasons.

More than half the rainfall occurs from July to November, the wettest month being September, with an average of 2.95 in.; the driest month is April, with an average of 1 14 in.

Similarly, the yield from any given reservoir, or the capacity required for any yield, corresponding with any mean rainfall from 30 to 100 in., and with the flow over any period, from the driest year to the six or more consecutive driest years, may be determined from the diagram.

The peninsula of Arabia, with Syria, its continuation to the northwest, has some of the characteristics of the hottest and driest parts Arabia.

The actual size of the reservoir which would certainly yield the assumed supply throughout the driest periods has therefore been largely a matter of judgment.