Sentence Examples with the word Dove

She gasped, hope racing through her as he dove toward the ground, switched to his human form in mid-air, and landed hard on the stony island.s ground.

A dove also descended out of a pillar of light on the occasion of the baptism in Jordan of the saintly Basil, bishop of Caesarea; and an eagle lit down upon King Tarquin.

He dove into the snow while she stood and waited for Rhyn.

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The Dove rises on the southern slope, and flows as the boundary stream between Derbyshire and Staffordshire for nearly its entire course.

They are chiefly noted as the habitat of the gigantic land tortoise (Testudo elephantina), now carefully preserved, and of several rare and peculiar birds, including a rail (Dryolimnas aldabranus), an ibis (Ibis abbottii) and a dove (Alectroenas sganzini).

Rawnsley, Literary Associations of the English Lakes (2 vols., Glasgow, 1894) and Life and Nature of the English Lakes (Glasgow, 1899); Stopford Brooke, Dove Cottage, Wordsworth's Home from 1800 to 1808; A.

The dove and pigeon have also a number of native species, one of which, the pomba jurity (Peristera frontalis), is a highly-appreciated table luxury.

They washed away their disappointment with cold beer and dove into the rest of their treasures.

Smith went crazy and dove off a cliff.

She dove into the pool and swam several laps before emerging.