Sentence Examples with the word Doublets

If we compare together the spectra of the alkali metals, we find that the doublets of the branch series separate more and more as the wave-length increases.

Similar doublets composed of two piano-convex lenses are the Fraunhofer (fig.

The defeat of the southern coalition is based, as the doublets show, upon two sources; the war arises from two causes (vengeance upon the Gibeonites, and the attempt to overthrow Israel), and concludes with a twofold victory: in x.

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In these elements the doublets of the alkali series are therefore replaced by triplets.

It will also be noticed that the least refrangible of the doublets of the 1 Astrophys.

A distribution of sources and doublets over a moving surface will enable an expression to be obtained for the velocity function of a body moving in the presence of a fixed sphere, or inside it.

Branches must according to the above law correspond to the most refrangible of the doublets of the trunk, and if the components of the doublets have different intensities the stronger components must lie on different sides in the trunk and branch series.