Sentence Examples with the word Dot

This, however, is found only in the best-written documents, and on some materials the dot cannot be distinguished.

In this manner it was possible to hear a Morse code dash or dot in the telephone.

The interpretation of the signals is according to the Morse code, - the dot and dash being represented by deflexions of the line of dots to one side or other of the centre line of the paper.

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Dean asked Harrigan to work up his end of the report on the Byrne matter and make a few last minute return phone calls to neighbors, just to dot the I's.

Marconi's system of electric wave telegraphy consists therefore in setting up at the transmitting station the devices just described for sending out groups of damped electric waves of the above kind in long or short trains corresponding to the dash or dot signals of the Morse alphabet.

This plain produces large quantities of indigo and opium, and is physically remarkable for the number of isolated conical hills which dot its surface.

These trading settlements, which dot the coast for a distance of r000 m., are about sixty in number.

The instrument consists of two cams, the form of which regulates the components of the curbed signal, one cam being for the dot element and the other for the dash element, which by their sequence give the letter signals; these cams, by means of clutches controlled by the relay, are mechanically rotated by clockwork, the speed of rotation being approximately adjusted to the rate of transmission of a single element, so that the requisite number of consecutive elements is transmitted corresponding to the duration of contact of the relay arm with the side controlling that particular element.

It broadened and deepened many of the valleys; rounded the hills; turned aside many streams, causing changes in drainage and giving rise to innumerable waterfalls and rapids; and it formed the thousands of lakes, large and small, which dot the surface.

Of the numerous islands that dot the Gulf many are partly at least of volcanic origin, notably Qishm and Ormuz.