Sentence Examples with the word Dost

About this time Kohan Dil Khan, one of the chiefs of Kandahar, died, and Dost Mahommed of Kabul annexed the city to his territory.

Abdur Rahman Khan, the eldest male representative of the stock of Dost Mahommed, was then recognized as amir of Kabul.

During the Indian Mutiny Dost Mahommed punctiliously refrained from assisting the insurgents.

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Mahmud was reinstated by Fateh Khan, whom he appointed his vizier, and whose nephews, Dost Mahommed Khan and Kohn dil Khan, he placed respectively in the governments of Kabul and Kandahar.

At the beginning of the 19th century they belonged to Bokhara; but under the great amir Dost Mahommed the Afghans recovered Balkh and Tashkurgan in 1850, Akcha and the four western khanates in 1855, and Kunduz in 1859.

Macnaghten was treacherously murdered at an interview with the Afghan chief, Akbar Khan, eldest son of Dost Mahommed.

Closely followed by the British, Dost was driven to extremities, and on the 4th of November 1840 surrendered as a prisoner.

Dennie with a small force routed Dost Mahommed Khan, accompanied by a number of Uzbeg chiefs.

Yet dost thou, darker half, rock me with a prouder, if a darker faith.

Of these Dost Mahommed received for his share Ghazni, to which in 1826 he added Kabul, the richest of the Afghan provinces.