Sentence Examples with the word Dorsal

The dorsal or hyomandibular portion of this same arch is transformed into the auditory chain, ending in the fenestra ovalis.

It lodges the copulatory organ, and on its dorsal wall lies the bursa Fabricii, an organ peculiar to birds.

The small ova are crowded beneath the dorsal part of the valves.

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D, E, Dorsal and lateral view of Elysia (Actaeon) viridis.

The blood, which is a non-corpuscular fluid, is propelled forwards by the contractile dorsal vessel and collected into the central bloodsinus; this lies over the stomochord, and is surrounded on three sides by a closed vesicle, with contractile walls, called the pericardium (Herzblase).

The divaricators proper are stated by Hancock to arise from the ventral valve, one on each side, a little in advance of and close to the adductors, and after rapidly diminishing in size become attached to the cardinal process, a space or prominence between the sockets in the dorsal valve.

E, Lateral view of the whole body and two 1st appendages, showing the fusion of the dorsal elements of the prosoma into a single plate, and of those of the opisthosoma into an imperfectly segmented plate continuous with that of the prosoma.

Foot broad; dorsal papillae flattened and foliaceous.

The lungs are small and occupy only the dorsal portion of the thoracic cavity.

The fifth abdominal segment has a pair of strong dorsal hook-like processes, by means of which the larva supports itself in the burrow which it excavates in the earth, the great head blocking the entrance with the mandibles ready to seize on any unwary insect that may venture within reach.