Sentence Examples with the word Dor

The Burgundian region, including Cte dOr and the valley of the Sane (Beaujolais, Mconnais).

Iii.; Weiss, Dor dor we-dorashav, v.

Xiv., 1874) on Megathyris (Argiope) and Yatsu's just mentioned are the most complete as A, Dorsal, a, Alimentary nective-tissue supporting layer mentary Dor s al, valve.

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Xiii.; Weiss, Dor dor ve-doreshav, ii.

These limits, however, were exceeded at various times; thus, north of the Eleutherus lay Aradus and Marathus, and south of Carmel the border sometimes included Dor and even Joppa.

Hops cover only about 7000 acres, being almost confined to the departments of Nord, Cte dOr and Meurthe-etMoselle.

Eastward are the Zandeh peoples of the Welle district (primitive Negroids with a Hamitic or, more probably, Libyan strain), with whom the Dor tribe of Nilotes on their eastern border show certain affinities; while to the west along the coast are the Guinea Negroes of primitive type.