Sentence Examples with the word Donnie

She managed to keep her pregnancy secret until an abortion was out of the question and Donnie was born.

Macho Shipton took his son, a boy from his first marriage, and Donnie out to some remote chain of rivers and lakes, fishing and running the streams.

While Cynthia was telephoning and Fred mumbling, Donnie came downstairs to the dining room.

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It was almost twenty-four hours before Shipton and Donnie got back to civilization, with the kid's body.

By the time he caught up with them, Donnie had recovered somewhat, but gone was the enthusiasm demonstrated earlier and he continued to clutch his father, as close as the seat belt would allow.

Cynthia sat up in bed as she read the brief passage, an uncommon glass of amber liquid in her hand Donnie deciphered it.

Even Donnie surprisingly agreed as he pantomimed skiing.

Together they had hurried to Janet O'Brien's trailer in hopes of catching Donnie before he wandered unexpectedly into the macabre turmoil his mother had caused in her violent exit from life.

Gladys and Edith are both upstairs, the Quincys are at the library and young Donnie and his dad are still out someplace.

Meanwhile Donnie and Martha, with Cynthia's help, tried to revive the mortally wounded creature but the prognosis was not good.