Sentence Examples with the word Dongola

Nubia at once submitted, the Shagia Arabs immediately beyond the province of Dongola were worsted, the remnant of the Mamelukes dispersed, and Sennr reduced without a battle.

On the ruins of the ancient Ethiopian states arose the Christian kingdoms of Dongola and Aloa, with capitals at Dongola and Soba (corresponding roughly to Napata and Meroe).

The ibis is chiefly an inhabitant of the Nile basin from Dongola southward, as well as of Kordofan and Sennar; whence about midsummer it moves northwards to Egypt.

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This applies particularly to the so-called Nubians who inhabit the Dongola mudiria (see Nubia).

On the Nile north of Khartum at the towns of Berber, Abu Hamed, Merawi (Merowe), Dongola and Wadi Haifa.

The Dongola campaign was over, and the province recovered to Egypt.

There is lignite in the Dongola mudiria and iron ore is found in Darfur, southern Kordofan and in the Bahr-el-Ghazal.

Pallidus), of the Suakin and Dongola deserts, may be regarded as the African representative of the group. Possibly the kit-fox (V.

Buller reported that the difficulties of reoccupation would be great, and that if Dongola was to be held, a fresh expedition would be required.

Ismail remained in the Dongola province till February 1821, when he crossed the Bayuda Desert and received the submission of the meks (kings) of Berber, Shendi and Halfaya, nominal vassals of the king of Sennar.