Sentence Examples with the word Donald

For a time he lived as a hostage in England and became king of the Scots after driving out his uncle, Donald Bane, in 1093, an enterprise in which he was helped by some English and Normans.

Polio, likewise, was an equal-opportunity scourge, and infected such notables as actor Donald Sutherland, author Arthur C. Clarke, Supreme Court Justice William Douglas, Congressman Jim Scheuer, and nuclear physicist Robert Oppenheimer.

Sir Donald Stewart's force, marching up through Baluchistan by the Bolan Pass, entered Kandahar with little or no resistance; while another army passed through the Khyber Pass and took up positions at Jalalabad and other places on the direct road to Kabul.

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When they returned later, Donald Ryland was with them, chatting amicably with both of them.

At sixteen, while vacationing at a New Hampshire camp for girls, she had become involved with a local boy, Donald Ryland.

His Son James Donald Cameron (1833-) was born at Middletown, Pennsylvania, on the 14th of May 1833, graduated at Princeton in 1852, became actively interested in his father's banking and railway enterprises, and from 1863 to 1874 was president of the Northern Central railway.

The black diamond expert trails were for the Donald Rylands of the world.

Dean jogged up the hill to ice park, hoping to find Penny and Mick, and perhaps Donald Ryland, before confronting Jerome Shipton.

Duncan left sons, Malcolm, called Canmore (great head), and Donald Ban; and in 1054 Siward, earl of Northumbria, defeated Macbeth, whether acting under the order of Edward the Confessor in favour of the claims of Malcolm Canmore, or merely to punish Macbeth for sheltering Norman fugitives from the Confessor's court.

Dean found the deep powder beyond his limited abilities and Donald Ryland seemed content to stay with him and ski the packed trails, sometimes cutting off to test the moguls and deeper snow at the trail's edge.