Sentence Examples with the word Dominique

By Lefevre-Pontalis, Paris, 1888) and of Dominique du Gabre, ambassador to Venice (ed.

The best edition of Lacordaire's works is the CEuvres completes (6 vols., Paris, 1872-1873), published by C. Poussielgue, which contains, besides the Conferences, the exquisitely written, but uncritical, Vie de Saint Dominique and the beautiful Lettres a un jeune homme sur la vie chretienne.

His younger brother, Jean Charles Dominique De Lacretelle, called Lacretelle le jeune (1766-1855), historian and journalist, was also born at Metz on the 3rd of September 1766.

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In 1723 the chapter of Utrecht, in order to preserve the canonical succession of the Dutch clergy, elected Cornelius Steenoven archbishop. He was consecrated (15th October 1724) by Dominique Varlet, bishop of Babylon in partibus, who, having been deposed by the pope for Jansenism, had settled in Amsterdam in 1720.

Bellin, Description ge'ographique des debouquements au nord de St Dominique (1768); the Jamaica Handbook (London, yearly) and Sir C. P. Lucas, Historical Geography of the British Colonies, vol.

Among other French works of importance deserving notice are Le Neptune oriental of Mannevillette (1745) and more especially the Carte geometrique de la France, which is based upon surveys carried on (1744-1783) by Cesar Francois Cassini de Thury and his son Dominique de Cassini.

LOUIS AUGUSTE BLANQUI (1805-1881), French publicist, was born on the 8th of February 1805 at Puget-Theniers, where his father, Jean Dominique Blanqui, was at that time subprefect.