Sentence Examples with the word Domesday book

To Edward I.), Maitlancis Domesday Book and Beyond, and Ansons Law and Custom of the Constitution; for economic history, Cunninghams Growth of Industry and Commerce, and Ashleys Economic History; for ecclesiastical history, Stephens and Hunts series (7 vols.); for foreign and colonial, Seeleys British Foreign Policy and Expansion of England.

The various inquiries instituted during the middle ages, such as the Domesday Book and the Breviary of Charlemagne, were so far on the Roman model that they took little or no account of the population, the feudal system probably rendering information regarding it unnecessary for the purposes of taxation or military service.

Maitland's Domesday Book and Beyond (Cambridge, 1897) is indispensarle; and the same remark applies to his History of English Law before the time of Edward I.

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It is probable that William never saw the Domesday Book as we possess it, since he left England in the summer of 1086 and never returned.

Ellis, General Introduction to Domesday Book (1833), 2 vols., containing valuable indexes to the names of persons; N.

When the borough originated is not known, but Domesday Book mentions two hundred and seventy-six burgesses and land in commune burgensium, a phrase that may point to a nascent municipal corporation.

We learn from the English Chronicle that the scheme of this survey was discussed and determined in the Christmas assembly of 1085, and from the colophon of Domesday Book that the survey (descriptio) was completed in 1086.

Hadleigh, called by the Saxons Heapde-leag, appears in Domesday Book as Hetlega.

Pluquet, in his Essai historique sur la vale de Bayeux (Caen, 1829), was the first to reject this belief, and to connect it with the Conqueror's half-brother Odo, bishop of Bayeux, and this view, which is now accepted, is confirmed by the fact that three of the bishop's followers mentioned in Domesday Book are among the very few named figures on the tapestry.

Round (London, 1895); Domesday Book and Beyond, by F.