Sentence Examples with the word Domaine

Among the obligations which he enumerated as necessarily and justly resting on his legatee was the duty of respecting the arrangements by which he had provided for the establishment of the Domaine de la couronne and the Domaine prive de l'etat.

The situation was aggravated by the creation in 1896, by a secret decree, of the Domaine de la couronne, a vast territory between the Kasai and Ruki rivers, covering about 112,000 sq.

It was not until 1902 that the existence of the Domaine de la couronne was officially acknowledged.

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The first volume was expanded into three volumes, La Gaule romaine (1891), L' Invasion germanique et la fin de l'empire (1891)and La Monarchie franque(1 888), followed by three other volumes, L'Alleu et le domaine rural pendant l'epoque merovingienne (1889), Les Origines du systeme feodal: le benefice et le patronat..