Sentence Examples with the word Domain

Under Goethe's stimulus he won fresh laurels in that domain of philosophical lyric which he had opened with Die Kiinstler; and in Das Ideal and das Leben, Die Macht des Gesanges, Wiirde der Frauen, and Der Spaziergang, he produced masterpieces of reflective poetry which have not their equal in German literature.

So was Genoa, which in 1755, after Paolis insurrection against the misgovernment of the republic, ceded her old domain of Corsica to France.

A light which limits the domain of absolute darkness.

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As troubling as I find the latest trend of people entering my domain uninvited, I feel able to handle it.

In 1635, when the Dutch were hemming in its domain on the west and the French on the north, the Council made a final allotment of its remaining territory among its members and surrendered its charter.

My domain is every evil thought and deed.

About the same time Naharin (N-h-ry-n) is given as the northern boundary of Egypt's domain (year 30 of Amenbotep or Amenophis III.), over against Kush in the south (tomb of Khamhet: Breasted, Anc. Rec. ii.

Thus the speeches of M.Tullius Cicero (106-43) belong to the domain of literature quite as much as to that of forensic or political oratory.

A curious fact, and one which has arisen since the 15th century, is the addition of a paragogic C to those infinitives which are accentedon the radical; in a portion of the Catalan domain one hears creurer, veurer.

It may be freely admitted that in the domain of logic there is nothing in the Organum that has not been more instructively analysed either by Aristotle himself or in modern works; at the same time, there is probably no work which is a better and more stimulating introduction to logical study.