Sentence Examples with the word Dodo

Zealand parrot, Stringops, less in various flightless rails, in the dodo and solitaire.

Considerable quantities of the bones of the dodo and other extinct birds - a rail (A phanapteryx), and a shortwinged heron - have been discovered in the beds of some of the ancient lakes (see DoDo).

But this old popular story has probably preserved the more original tradition, and if Elhanan is the son of Dodo in the list of David's mighty men (2 Sam.

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Of the extremely limited Samoan fauna, consisting mainly of an indigenous rat, four species of snakes and a few birds, the most interesting member is the Didunculus strigirostris, a ground pigeon of iridescent greenish-black and bright chestnut plumage, which forms a link between the extinct dodo and the living African Treroninae.

In common with the other Mascarene islands, it was the home of the dodo (Didus ineptus); there were also A phanapteryx, a species of rail, and a shortwinged heron (Ardea megacephala), which probably seldom flew.

Temminck, who had never seen a specimen, had assorted it with the dodo in an order to which he applied the name of Inertes (Man.

Benson's Dodo (1893).