Sentence Examples with the word Doctrinaires

The supporters of the Doctrinaires in the country were chiefly ex-officials of the empire, - who believed in the necessity for monarchical government but had a lively memory of Napoleon's tyranny and a no less lively hatred of the ancien regime, - merchants, manufacturers and members of the liberal professions, particularly the lawyers.

During the revolution of 1830 the Doctrinaires became absorbed in the Orleanists, from whom they had never been separated on any ground of principle (see France: History).

It was doubtless a revulsion of feeling against the doctrinaires and in particular against the puritanic reign of Michel that made her turn to Chopin.

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After studying with distinction under the doctrinaires of Perigueux, he entered the life-guards of Louis XVI., and was present at Versailles on the memorable 5th and 6th of October 1789.

The history of the Doctrinaires as a separate political party began in 1816 and ended in 1830.

In order to emerge victorious in such a struggle the Liberal party had need of all their strength, but a split took place between the sections known as the doctrinaires and the progressists, on the question of an extension of the franchise, and at the election of 1884 the Catholics carried all before them at the polls.

The Doctrinaires were ready to allow the king a large discretion in the choice of his ministers and the direction of national policy.