Sentence Examples with the word Dixon

DAVID DIXON PORTER (1813-1891), American naval officer, son of Captain David Porter, was born in Chester, Pennsylvania, on the 8th of June 1813.

Elsner recognized, in 1846, the part played by the atmosphere, and in 1879 Dixon showed that bleaching powder, manganese dioxide, and other oxidizing agents, facilitated the solution.

Kemp was defeated by Dixon at Vlakfontein, after a desperate encounter.

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In September 1862, during General Lee's first invasion of the North, General IIIcClellan advised that the place be abandoned in order that the io,000 men defending it might be added to his fighting force, but General Halleck would not consent, so that when Lee needed supplies from the Shenandoah Valley he was blocked by the garrison, then under the command of Colonel Dixon S.

Several of the governors, like Zachary Macaulay, Colonel Dixon Denham, the explorer, and Sir Samuel Rowe, were men of distinction.

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More recently, Dixon and Joly in Dublin and Askenasy in Germany have suggested the action of another force.

On the opposite side of the Potomac, in Virginia, and adjoining Fort Myer, a military post (named in honour of General Albert James Myer (1827-1880), who introduced in 1870 a system of meteorological observations at army posts) with reservation of 186 acres, is Arlington, a National Cemetery (of 408.33 acres), in which lie buried 21,106 soldiers killed in the Civil War and in the war with Spain; among the distinguished officers buried here are General Philip Henry Sheridan, Admiral David Dixon Porter, General Joseph Wheeler and General Henry W.

It was first seen by white men in 1823 when it was reached by way of Tripoli by the British expedition under Dr Walter Oudney, R.N., the other members being Captain Hugh Clapperton and Major (afterwards Lieut.-Colonel) Dixon Denham.

Daly died on the 12th of November 1900, and in igoi Clark was elected senator for the full term, which expired in 1907, when he was succeeded by Joseph Moore Dixon (b.