Sentence Examples with the word Dix

In this year Dix was for a few weeks assistant U.S. treasurer in New York city.

Revoil, La Vallee de Darror (Paris, 1882) and Dix mois a la ate orientale, d'Afrique (Paris, 1888); A.

Elsewhere are the County Court House, the State Hospital for the Insane (1856), founded through the efforts of Dorothea Lynde Dix, situated on Dix Hill and having in connexion with it a colony for epileptics; a state school for white blind, deaf and dumb (1845), and a state institute for negro deaf mutes and blind (1867); the state penitentiary (with a department for the criminal insane); a National Cemetery and a Confederate Cemetery; a Methodist Orphanage (1900) and a Roman Catholic Orphanage, the St Luke's Home for old ladies (1895; under the King's Daughters), a State (Confederate) Soldiers' Home (1891), and three private hospitals and the Rex public hospital (1909).

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De Dix Ans, 1830-1840 (5 vols., Paris, 1841-1844), from the republican point of view; J.

In 1841 he published his Histoire de dix ans 1830-1840, an attack upon the monarchy of July.

The North Carolina State Hospital (for the insane) at Raleigh was opened in 1856 as a result of the labours of Miss Dorothea Lynde Dix (1805-1887); in connexion with it there is an epileptic colony.

He published sermons and lectures; A History of the Parish of Trinity Church, New York City (4 vols., 1898-1905); and a biography of his father, Memoirs of John Adams Dix (2 vols., New York, 1883).

He wrote essays on Les Legistes et leur influence sur la societe francaise (1878); Le Comte de Montlosier et le Gallicanisme (1880; and published in 1882 his Dix Annees de vie politique.

Many Years Later He Wrote Discriminatingly About Those Dix Ans Au Canada (1888) That Saw The Establishment Of Responsible Government.

De dix ans, 1830-1840 (5 vols., 1842-1844); G.