Sentence Examples with the word Division

The specialization which accompanies the division of labour has important geographical consequences, for it necessitates communi 1 On the influence of land on people see Shaler, Nature and Man in America (New York and London, 1892); and Ellen C. Semple's American History and its Geographic Conditions (Boston, 3903).

The mustachios must not grow below the line of the upper lip, which must be clearly seen; a division or parting is made below the nose.

To the law that no subsequent transverse division takes place in segments cut off from the apical cell, there seem to be two exceptions: first, the calcareous genus Corallina, in the pliable joints of which intercalated division occurs; and, second, the Nitophylleae, in which, moreover, median longitudinal division of axial cells is said to occur.

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The mutual intersections of the lines drawn from the points of division of the arc parallel to AB, and the lines drawn parallel to BC through the points of division of AB, are points on the quadratrix (fig.

From all these reports it was evident that where they had expected to meet a single division there was now the whole French army marching from Moscow in an unexpected direction--along the Kaluga road.

Further discoveries have resulted in the division of the Palaeolithic Age into various epochs or sequences according to the faunas associated with the implements or the localities where found.

He also pointed out reasons for accepting a division of the land into three continents - Europe, Asia and Africa.

In accordance with his previous division of outer will into impulsive and decisive, he divides the inner will of apperception into passive apperception and active apperception.

HONITON, a market town and municipal borough in the Honiton parliamentary division of Devonshire, England, pleasantly situated on rising ground on the left bank of the Otter, 162 m.

Another division of the natives is into Aryauto or long-shore-men, and the Eremtaga or jungle-dwellers.