Sentence Examples with the word Dividing

Thus the dividing line between the two provinces was the same as that which had originally separated Mauretania from Numidia (q.v.).

This was done by dividing the communities into choirs, which relieved each other by turn in the church.

Mushketov under the appropriate name of Turanian basin - the Kara-tau Mountains, between the Chu and the Syr-darya rivers, being considered as the dividing line between the two.

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The custom of dividing receipts and expenditures into ordinary and extraordinary, of treating the receipts from loans as revenue, of adding six months to the fiscal year for closing up accounts, and of dividing receipts and expenditures into separate gold and currency accounts, leads to much confusion and complication in the returns, and is the cause of unavoidable discrepancies and contradictions.

Nineteen-twentieths of the colonists, however, live east of the dividing range, for to that side settlement was attracted by the open, grassy character of the country.

Since the 13th century the snake, under Gothic influence, developed into a boldly designed tendril set with leaves, which usually encircled a figure or group of figures, and the knob dividing shaft and crook into an elegant chapel (6 and 7).

He energetically opposed the act of 1840, which sought to settle the Clergy Reserves question by dividing the proceeds among the different religious denominations, the larger share still remaining with the Church of England.

On the south of the plateau we find a similar succession of narrow valleys dividing parallel flexures, or anticlinals, formed under similar geological conditions to those which appear to be universally applicable to the Himalaya, the Hindu Kush, and the Indus frontier mountain systems. From one of these long lateral valleys the Hari Rud receives its principal tributary, which joins the main river below Obeh, 180 m.

Such a distinction involves the assumptions that bodily pleasures are generically different from mental ones, and that there is in practice a clearly marked dividing line, - both of which hypotheses are frequently denied.

The southern boundary runs in a very irregular line across the central region of India, dividing the Rajputana states from a number of native states in Central India and Gujarat.