Sentence Examples with the word Diversities

Even after the adoption in Europe of the Christian era, a great variety of methods of dating - national, provincial and ecclesiastical - grew up and prevailed for a long time in different countries, thus renewing in modern times the difficulties experienced in ancient times from diversities of reckoning.

He insists on the diversities in religions; he dwells also on what would indicate a common origin.

The order in which the various subjects are treated in the following sketch is the natural succession from fundamental to dependent facts, which corresponds also to the evolution of the diversities of the earth's crust and of its inhabitants.

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Great confusion prevailed in the first years of American dominion owing to the diversities of languages and the grafting of such Anglo-Saxon institutions as the jury upon the older system.

Yet the general agreement of solar and stellar chemistry does not exclude important diversities of detail.

Though the force working everywhere is one, there are diversities of its operation, corresponding to various degrees of tension.

The liturgies of the Lutheran churches exhibit the same diversities in details as appear in their constitutions.

There ensued a general classification of the stars by Secchi into four leading types, distinguished by diversities of spectral pattern; and the recognition by Huggins of a considerable number of terrestrial elements as present in stellar atmospheres.

Finally, in all countries though with diversities due to national peculiarities, the modes of account and control have been brought into a more effective condition.

A primary mental similarity of all branches of the human race is evidenced by their common faculty of speech, while at the same time secondary diversities of race-character and history are marked by difference of grammatical structure and of vocabularies.