Sentence Examples with the word Divers

The formulae of Kekule, Divers and Armstrong have been discarded, and it remains to be shown whether Nef's carbonyloxime formula (or the bimolecular formula of Steiner) or Scholl's glyoxime peroxide formula is correct.

Also divers articles by A.

Colours are not Qualifications of Light, derived from Refractions, or Reflections of natural Bodies (as 'tis generally believed), but original and connate properties, which in divers Rays are divers.

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These are divided into Familiar Correspondence, Correspondence in Old Age, Divers Letters and Letters without a Title; to which may be added the curious autobiographical fragment entitled the Epistle to Posterity.

The successive emigrations and occupation of the Alpine region by divers Teutonic tribes from the 5th to the 6th centuries are, too, known to us only in outline, while to them, as to the Frankish kings and emperors, the Alps offered a route from one place to another rather than a permanent residence.

As man approached the gods in sacrifice and prayers, so too the gods declared themselves to men by divers signs and tokens, which it was possible to read by the art of Divination (q.v.).

Here, on the 25th of October, the commissioners again met; and one of them alone, Lord Zouch, dissented from the verdict by which Mary was found guilty of having, since the 1st of June preceding, compassed and imagined divers matters tending to the destruction of Elizabeth.

For this he made a collection of manuscripts, which he sold in 1835 (many of them passed into the library of Sir Thomas Philipps), drawing up a catalogue under the singular title of Traite de materiaux manuscrits de divers genres d'histoire.

Pelet de la Lozere, Opinions de Napoleon sur divers sujets de politique et d'administration (Paris, 1833); Damas-Hinard, Napoleon, ses opinions et jugements sur les hommes et sur les chores (2 vols., Paris, 1838); L.

These pumps are capable of supplying ample air to two divers simultaneously, at the depth of twelve fathoms.