Sentence Examples with the word Diverged

To the W., which was a harbour, and the point to which the coast road from Rome was reconstructed in I 09 B.C., and from which a road diverged across the Apennines to Placentia.

The great critic of scepticism has diverged from idealism toward scepticism again, or has given his idealism a sceptical colour, mitigated - but only mitigated - by faith in the moral consciousness.

And while as thinkers they diverged in their opinions, so too they differed radically in character, in reverence for their subject and in religious earnestness and moral worth.

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The tramway was converted into a railway, and in 1865 opened for passenger traffic. In 1866 a dock (71 acres) and tidal basin (21 acres) were constructed, but since about 1902 they have fallen into disuse and the coal is diverged to other ports, chiefly Port Talbot.

And W., from which others diverged at right angles.

Pratense, each whorl of stamens ripens in turn, becoming erect and shedding their pollen; as the anthers wither the filaments bend outwards, and when all the anthers have diverged the stigmas become mature and ready for pollination.

It was needful to study at some length the main phenomena of the Renaissance in Italy, because the history of that phase of evolution in the other Western races turns almost entirely upon points in which they either adhered of the to or diverged from the type established there.

It was the point at which the coast road to Paestum diverged from the Via Popillia, rejoining it again E.

It is hardly mentioned in imperial times, except as a station on the road (Via Amerina) which diverged from the Via Cassia near the modern Settevene and ran to Ameria and Tuder.

The different extent of quinqueradiate symmetry in the different classes would thus depend on the period at which they diverged from the sedentary stock.