Sentence Examples with the word Ditching

She shuddered, afraid to face him after ditching him as she had before.

We will be especially circumspect about ditching a known quantity.

And that meant, for too many of us, ditching what we loved to do and doing the work of a machine.

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Kiera tossed the thoughts around in her head, guilty at the thought of ditching Evelyn yet offended that Evey thought to keep her here without telling her.

To increase the reservoir capacity of the polder, as well as to conduct the water to the windmills or engines, it is intersected by a network of ditches cut at right angles to each other, the amount of ditching required being usually one-twelfth of the area to be drained.

Timothy was grown in the northern, and alfalfa in the southern region as a forage crop. Even at this earliest period, irrigation, simple and individual, had begun in the southern section, the head waters of the few streams in this district being soon surrounded by farms. Co-operation and colonization followed, and more ditching was done, co-operative irrigation canals were constructed with some elaborate and large dams and head gates.

She'd accused him of ditching his responsibilities and being a poor husband and father.