Sentence Examples with the word Ditches

In the ordinary English system of upward or drainage irrigation, ditches are dug all round the field.

The greater part of these lands was irrigated by canals or ditches built by individuals acting singly or in co-operation with their neighbours, or by corporations.

It is found in pools and ditches in the British Isles, and is widely distributed in the north temperate zone.

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Before the close of the 18th century, and during the first quarter of the 19th, a good deal had been done in the way of draining the land, either by open ditches or by James Elkington's system of deep covered drains.

An allied genus Zannichellia (named after Zanichelli, a Venetian botanist), occurring in fresh and brackish ditches and.

Irrigation ditches having been exempted from taxation in 1872, extensive systems of canals were soon developed, especially after 1880.

The ditches may be filled in one or other of several different ways.

The national and state governments had not built any works of reclamation excepting where the federal government, through the Indian department, had constructed irrigation ditches for Indian tribes, notably the Crow Indians of Montana.

One of these ditches can be traced over 2 m.

Picturesquely situated on the slope of a hill, the town has remains of ramparts of the 12th and 13th centuries, with ditches hewn in the rock, and several medieval buildings.